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Rickroll Meterpreter Script

In order to be well prepared for April Fools day I decided to put out a rickroll meterpreter script.

It defaults to looking for rickroll.mp3 in the metasploit framework root directory, but you can use another file with the -f option. I don't parse out the name so you will have to copy it into the metasploit directory.

You can also use any file format supported by windows media player so you can have it play a wmv (even better). By default the process is hidden, but you can make it visible with a -v option.

New Features!
And just for added fun, throw in a -k to disable the keyboard or -m to disable the mouse or you can go all in by using the -e to disable the mouse and keyboard and save precious keystrokes.

Here is the file:

Put it in framework3/meterpreter/scripts

# Provided by Tim Medin at timmedin[at]gmail [dot] com
# Uploads the rick roll'ing mp3 and then runs it as a hidden process
# You can also upload a different file (like a wmv video) and have it display -v
# K…